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FOR ALABAMA, GEORGIA, & TENNESSEE! We are accepting entries and sponsorship donations!!!

  • Event Date: March 8-10 (AL, GA, & TN)
  • Location: Atlanta, GA (for AL, GA, & TN)
  • Venue: Southern Exchange Ballrooms (In Atlanta, GA for AL, GA & TN)

Pageant Information

Georgia Info

Download the GA state pageant brochure for more information about competing for your state's title. Please read that info first before applying

Alabama & Tennessee Info

All Alabama & Tennessee entrants must apply for an appointed state title and participate in Georgia's state pageant weekend activities in order to receive their state title & regalia. 1st, at entry, you will represent and receive city / county regalia before the Atlanta, GA pageant weekend. Only two entrants per age division will be accepted to receive, 1st come, 1st serve, state or state nickname appointed titles. Please read, the GA state brochure for what to expect and the entry fee amount. The entry fee amount is the same for GA entrants as it is for AL & TN appointed titleholder applicants!


August 25th, 2018



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GEORGIA State Directors

Please welcome aboard your new Georgia state pageant directors (AL & TN Appointed Program Directors): KRISTA VONHOFFMANN & LONDON TUCKER - Charlotte, NC natives & your current reigning Miss Infinity North America 2018 & Miss Teen Infinity North America 2018 

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