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"Beauties for the Continuity of Altruism!"



These states will be held jointly together in Atlanta, GA to crown five, age categorical queens for each state! Though these states are being held together during the same pageant weekend, you will be competing only for your state's title!!!

We are now seeking contestants for these state pageants; leading up to the 2019 international, cultural pageant. Our international pageant projects are operated by the Shana E. International Scholarship Program & Productions Inc. - EIN 82-5362846, a charitable, non-profit organization recognized under section 501(C)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. We are an organization designed exclusively for charitable, literary, and educational purposes; as well as for providing female empowerment, inclusiveness, diversity, and a better quality of life to female youth and women in many local communities globally. 

Our slogan reads: "Beauties for the Continuity of Altruism! Where we promote goodwill and serve our communities for the greater good of making our world a much better place." Our pageant programs include selecting contestants, who represent our organization as goodwill ambassadors; and, not only, providing them with in-kind & cash scholarships, but, also sending them out to raise social consciousness and awareness, about our selected causes, on a local and global level. Our mission includes, raising $10,000.00 through pageant competition fees, and making donations to other 501(c)(3) organizations who impact our selected medical causes; which includes Autism, Down Syndrome, Breast Cancer, Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis or any other causes to be chosen. 

Deadline to Apply is December 30, 2018!!!

Pageant Schedule

Please note: through non-profit grants & charitable donations all state pageant contestants will be receiving, if needed, complimentary traveling vouchers, meals, lodging, career wear, fashion wear, & evening gown outfits to attend and compete in their state's pageant!

Required Pageant Fees

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There is only a $25 application fee required to register. In addition, the required $200 sponsorship fee (due 30 days after applying) includes your own city / county crown, sash, & pageant t-shirt. The required $75 state pageant crowning ceremony ticket pass (due 60 days after applying) includes admission for you and one guest!

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Apply NOW to secure your spot, the city or county title you really want, and to  get your city / county queen's crown & sash right now.

 All payments submitted to our pageant program are tax deductible for charitable purposes. Therefore, once registration application & application fee has been submitted, no refunds will be issued; regardless of the circumstances.